Our Products

With over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and fewer and fewer Rx drugs making any real headway with our healthcare needs  it was clear to the Domaine Healthcare leadership team where the market place and mindset was heading…natural supplementation!

coupleDomaine’s leadership team was certain that IF a Domaine Wellness Division was to be born it was going to set the standard for product quality and address the most pressing needs of the consumer. This could only be done by adding experts with decades of experience from the supplement and nutrition industry and that’s exactly what they did.

With decades of knowledge and experience of both the pharmaceutical and nutracuetical industry Domaine Healthcare evaluated over 200 supplement companies and selected only 15 to work with! Out of those 15 companies Domaine is currently marketing products from only 6 and here’s why…

  • All 6 have the highest cGMP standards for manufacturing wellness products
  • All 6 have FDA approved pharmaceuticals
  • All 6 performed clinical trials on their products
  • All 6 are publically traded and living to the high standards enacted by the financial and regulatory markets to insure public safety

Domaine Healthcare’s product offering will continue to grow but as it does you can rest assured that the products brought to the market will maintain the same high standards and speak directly to the needs of the consumer.